WADIC participates on Standards that apply to the timber window and door industry and make these learnings available to our members via timber manuals, guides, videos and downloadable resources.

WADIC Guides & Brochures

WADIC actively participates in the development of Australian Standards and other regulatory reform processes to enable builders, architects, building designers and consumers to be assured our members are up-to-date with all compliance issues. We welcome you to browse our range of resources or contact us for more information.

Bushfire Compliance Guide 2012

Download the Bushfire Compliance Guide 2012.

Cyclonic Testing

WADIC R&D for Licensed Members AS2047 Bifold and Cyclonic Testing 2018-2019.

Technical Desktop Guide A

The environmental benefits of timber windows and doors.

Thermal Ratings

WADIC releases the Thermal Ratings for WADIC Licensed Compliance Members and Bushfire Fabricators.

Technical Guides & Brochures

Timber windows and doors technical guides and brochures. Includes technical sheets, guides and site cards.

Technical Desktop Guide B

The environmental benefits of timber windows and doors.

Fall Prevention Guide

Download the Fall Prevention Guide.


Watch the WADIC BAL29 Bushfire Laboratory Test Video

These members are ready to start delivering the WADIC tested and certified range of BAL 29 Windows and Doors for you right now. These Fabricator members are located in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia and only they hold a registration number indicating their license to supply this range. These products comply with AS2047, AS1530.8 1, AS1288 and are thermally rated.

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