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The Window and Door Industry Council Inc. (WADIC) is a service organization for the window and door manufacturing sector with the following Mission Statement:

WADIC represents timber window and door manufacturers supplying the building and construction industry, and provides essential information to members for compliance with relevant Australian Standards and codes.

WADIC promotes the environmental and performance benefits of member’s products to the marketplace, and provides members with information and options for window energy rating systems. 

WADIC acts on behalf of members in representation to government and regulatory authorities in protection of member’s rights and fair access to markets.

WADIC was formed in May 2000 as a direct response to changes in the regulatory environment for custom-made windows and doors, to represent the manufacturers of timber windows and doors in Australia.

Our focus is to:

  • Provide information on member’s products to the marketplace.
  • Promote timber as an environmentally superior material of quality and visual appeal.
  • Provide a licensed program to members for compliance with Standards
  • Participate in the development of Standards affecting our sector.
  • Provide access to software programs for members to evaluate window energy ratings
  • Provide software to members for selecting options for window glass design and specification.
  • Participate in developing new technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Ensure our members are fully represented in all industry forums.

Our members specialise in well designed and functional window and door systems and see themselves as craftsmen, not as assemblers of window components. They also pride themselves on providing the best possible product and service to their customers.

WADIC actively participates in the development of Australian Standards and other regulatory reform processes to enable builders, architects, building designers and consumers to be assured our members are up-to-date with all compliance issues.

WADIC members are involved in the appropriate Standards Australia committees and on the advisory committees to the Building Codes of Australia.

WADIC members take a role on Standards committees WD 07 Glass Standard and WD 21 Window and Door Standards. There are also various subcommittees that WADIC members assist, including the Industry Liaison Committee and the Energy Efficiency in Commercial Buildings of the Building Codes of Australia.

Our role is to keep members advised of changes in their market and make representation to government, business and standards bodies on their behalf. Our activities include keeping members advised of changes in the industry both through the regular ‘Members News’ and industry forums in each state.

A major service to members is provision of a “Compliance Manual”, developed by WADIC to meet the requirements of the regulatory environment with appropriate specifications and test results that support our member’s products. The manual is provided through a licence with an annual fee that is used to support continuing product development and testing.