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Consumer Attitudes

Whether in the press, at government and local council level or amongst consumer networks, environmental issues are now an important consideration for the building industry. Timber is the most natural of building materials, particularly as its environmental impact at all levels of the supply/construction chain is excellent.

In November 2006, the Building Commission in Victoria found that 39 per cent of discussions about environmentally sustainable building designs were initiated by the building consumer.

In today’s marketplace, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the decisions they make.

Designers need to be aware of the performance attributes offered by the window systems they specify or install in each project.

Timber windows offer consumers and building industry professionals a range of measurable performance benefits.

In addition, because timber windows and doors are manufactured from a natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly resource, consumers are more comfortable accepting the products specified.

Used in the manufacture of windows and doors, timber offers the consumer:

  • high product performance and energy ratings
  • environmental benefits
  • a low embodied energy rating
  • sustainability in via the nature of the resource used in manufacture