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Timber windows are recognised for delivering a high level of thermal performance, being environmentally friendly and offering excellent durability. Backed by design and aesthetic flexibility, timber is the natural choice in window design.

As a raw material, timber is a beautiful and natural product. It lends itself to be worked to provide durable and striking designs. In addition, when timber is displayed in its natural state, either by the application of oils, stains and varnishes, it adds warmth and striking beauty to any building.

Whether traditional or contemporary, timber framed windows can be manufactured in a style to suit a wide range of architectural designs and periods.

Contemporary timber window designs offer building designers and building owners:

  • excellent material insulation qualities;
  • flexibility in providing different glazing options;
  • high-performance draft sealing;
  • access to a range of opening mechanisms; and
  • excellent security performance.

WADIC members manufacture quality architectural timber joinery in the form of solid timber windows and doors. Designs are drawn from Australia’s rich design heritage and our access to fine timbers sourced locally or from overseas.

The flexibility offered by timber allows this natural building material to be used in situations encompassing the latest contemporary designs right through to heritage repair and restoration.